Colorado College

Colorado Springs, CO: Colorado College is a small school located in beautiful Colorado Springs, 45 minutes south of Denver. The college is comparable to many Ivy League schools in terms of academic value. Just under 2,000 students attend this liberal-arts school that offers so much, from a club for almost anything to great Division III teams to the beloved Division I hockey team.

When I drove into Colorado Springs, my first impression was Wow, this place is great! It is a small, friendly town with some famous attractions (The Broadmoor Hotel, the U.S. Air Force Academy, and the Olympic Training Center, to name a few). It took me awhile to find the college since it seems to meld into the city. There are no perimeter gates to mark where the city starts, where the school is, and where the city continues. Through the campus runs a main road which students must cross many times daily. My host told me it isn’t really a problem because drivers are good about stopping.

After a very personalized information session where everyone had a chance to ask questions, I met the swim coach at the main dining hall for lunch. While the food selection is not the greatest, it is not bad. There is always something different to try and usually you can find what you are looking for. If not, there is a grill and a coffee place in the student center. For health-food nuts, of which there are plenty at CC, the Wild Sage Cafe makes meals, snacks, and smoothies from organic and natural food.

After lunch I had a tour of campus, and saw the pool (which could use some renovation) and newly revamped fields and tennis courts. Colorado College is on an improvement plan to have the entire campus renovated by 2010. Just this summer the main hall for social sciences was redone and a new performing arts center built.

I then went to a hockey game where the CC Tigers took on their rivals, the University of Denver. Hockey games are what brings the school together. Everyone loves the Tigers and the school really shines in the rink. Alumni from all over the country even come to the games to support their team.

On-campus housing is guaranteed for four years but is only mandatory for three. There are a few large halls, some theme houses, the Western Ridge Apartments (for upperclassmen) and three frat houses. I stayed in one of the larger halls and it was great. The rooms were huge compared to others I have visited, and people were always stopping by to hang out.

I also attended a class and the overall feeling was warm, casual and intense. Colorado students really know when to work and when to play. The classroom is always open for discussion, an attitude fostered by the professors, but since each subject is covered in only three and a half weeks, the faculty is eager to teach as much as possible every day. So be prepared to work hard! Never fear though, at the end of each three and a half weeks, you have the rest of the week off to recharge, try something new, or do whatever you want.

One last note: this school knows how to party! I went to a party for prospective students and it was rocking! Also, consider joining a team or club sport. It is a great chance to get to know people since the constant changing of classes makes it hard to keep in touch with friends.

If you are considering Colorado College, go visit and stay overnight. It will be worth it. Don’t be put off by your first impression of the city-campus. Overall, Colorado College is a great school, with so much to do and many opportunities.

Reviewed in 2004