Colorado College

Colorado Springs, CO: I visited Colorado College in October over Columbus Day Weekend. Colorado College is in the city, but it still seems to have that small town atmosphere. It is a relatively small school, consisting of approximately 2,000 students on a 70-acre campus, surrounded by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains.

Although Colorado College is not very well known on the East Coast, its academic offerings have been compared to Princeton and Dartmouth. However, after talking to some students, I realized that if you are interested in the school, but aren’t sure if you have the qualifications, you should still apply.

I was impressed with the closeness of the students on campus. The student population, however, does not seem very diverse as far as representation of minorities.

The classes at Colorado College operate on a different plan than some traditional colleges. They use the Block Plan in which students take only one course at a time for 3-1/2 weeks. This makes for extremely intensive classes, but it allows you to concentrate your study time on one particular subject. There is a 4-1/2 day break between blocks. One negative to this system is that students are sometimes concentrating on a subject that doesn’t particularly interest them.

I had the opportunity to attend a class at Colorado College. I was impressed by the nature of the class. There was a very casual atmosphere with a lot of class participation. Students and professors dress down rather than up, and professors are addressed by their first names.

Colorado College offers students a valuable academic education on a beautiful campus where everlasting friendships can be formed.n

Reviewed in 1990