College Reviews: VCU

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is in Richmond, Virginia. Its campus is surprisingly large. Just like most colleges/ universities, VCU has two sides (an east and west side). But, it would take you a while to get to the other side of the campus. VCU has two dining halls, a hospital, a theater, and much more!

The students spend their spare time at the dining hall, the plaza, and their dorms (residence halls). Some students actually study while others relax with their friends and roommates. There are many residence halls. VCU also has apartments for students to rent or buy. There are mostly seniors living in the apartments, but, some juniors live there.

VCU has an escort program where if you were studying late at night and you don’t want to walk to your dorm alone, a shuttle will come and drive you to your dorm. Many students also ride their bikes around campus. If you didn’t want to ride your bike alone, they have escorts that will bring their bike and ride with you to your destination. This escort program is a great way to keep many students safe.

As we walked the campus, we asked students questions. They were very open to giving us valuable information. The given information helped us learn more about the university. When we were in one of the dining halls, I noticed that there were some students were giving tours to the incoming students. They were very happy and look like they were enjoying the job of showing of VCU’s beautiful campus. So, overall, I would say that VCU’s students were great.

VCU is different from other colleges/ universities. VCU had a different of architecture. They had modern buildings along with historic buildings that had more of and ancient touch to it. There was a church that was in great walking distance from the campus. That way many students can still keep there religion is they choose to.

If I could would visit VCU again. I will definitely apply for VCU when the time to apply comes. If I go to VCU I know that I will have a great time there for the four years that I will attend. Maybe, VCU will change over the years.