College Review

I recently visited Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I fully enjoyed myself at the open house that I went to. The atmosphere there is so friendly and inviting, I couldn’t help but to smile the whole day that I was there. I was able to spend time with the Board of Admissions Director and even share lunch with him. There were several different informational sessions that gave me a hands-on look at the campus there. I was also able to take a tour of the campus grounds to get a feel of how life would actually be like. I was very impressed with the students who seemed to be interested in helping the prospective students. Everyone on the campus-the security guards, the staff, the students and the faculty- all bonded together like a family; this led to the atmosphere being not only friendly and inviting but warm and comforting too. I was also highly pleased when I was awarded a certificate stating that I had been accepted for the upcoming semester! I am enthusiastic about beginning my new life at the school there and I am anticipating that life there will be invigorating and beneficial to the career that I will pursue once I graduate. I look forward to joining the family there and participating in their challenge to turn all the fellow students into Colonels who help, accept, and train the people of today to become leaders and “founders” of tomorrow.