College Review: Harris School of Business

College reviews are the perfect source to find the perfect college for you. It gives you feedback of things that the college has that you may be interested in. Choosing the right college can give you more opportunities to be successful.

The college that I visited is Harris School of Business. The college is located at, 143 Foulk Rd, Wilmington DE 19803. The setting of Harris School of Business is in the suburbs. There are 1,025 students enrolled. They offered 6 majors.

The environment in Harris School of Business is quiet but it’s not boring. The campus looks clean and it’s really big. The library was big and the librarian was really nice and kind, also she was really helpful. They offered campus apartments for you can stay in while you are in school.

The thing that I like more of Harris School of Business is that the teachers are really nice. The thing that I dislike about it is that they give a big test at the beginning of the school year. I do recommend other students to go to this college because it’s a good college, and because you just go for a period of time and you earn your degree faster. People will be comfortable at Harris School of Business because if they are interested in the career that they choose that can enjoy it better.

Harris School of Business is a great college to go because you have many careers to choose from. Also, the teachers are really helpful and they know how to get along with their students. It’s also easy for students to get along with other people.