College of the Holy Cross

Worcester, MA: The moment I walked on tothe campus of the College of the Holy Cross, I fell in lovewith it. This beautiful campus is located near the heart ofWorcester but remains a comfortable distance from the city’sdaily commotion. I am not a fan of a campus right in themiddle of a city, so Holy Cross perfectly suits my needs. Theideal location provides endless activities for students duringfree time.

The tour guides were extremely helpful; youcould tell they truly love their school and enjoy being there.The two guides had a wealth of information which helped myfamily greatly. One felt she had adjusted to college life inthree weeks!

Although the campus is very hilly, thebuildings around the campus provide a perfect view andcommunity atmosphere, and inside they are newly renovated. Iwas impressed by the size and newness of the computer labs,Internet hookups (generously spread across the campus) andespecially the huge library. I was also impressed by theschool’s 3-2 program, which combines classes with othercolleges in the area such as Clark University and DartmouthCollege.

While on campus, I was able to see thespacious dorms, the activity-filled student center andwonderful eating facilities. Overall, this campus visit won meover, and I will definitely apply to Holy Cross. If you arelooking for a small college with a huge sense of community,Holy Cross is the college for you!

Reviewed in 1999