New London, NH: My visit to Colby-Sawyer was memorable. When I first arrived with my parents and sister, I was not sure what to expect. To me, the school looked huge. But when we walked into the admissions office, and were greeted by Jen (an admissions counselor), I was put at ease.

Some other students came for the tour, and we watched a video about the college made by students in the communications program.

Even though it was very cold, the tour was still enjoyable. Our guide answered any questions we had. The campus was beautiful. We saw the very impressive athletics facility. There was a room that had every exercise machine you could think of, an indoor pool with room for spectators to watch meets, and a gigantic gymnasium with many basketball courts and indoor soccer fields. One of the things I really enjoyed was that the indoor track was above the floor of the gymnasium, so if you are running on the track, you don’t have to worry about dodging balls.

We were also shown dorm rooms and suites that looked like apartments. There are numerous choices for campus housing.

The one thing that really drew me to this college was their library. This immense building was made of two old Civil War barns, and included some of the original furnishings. It was equipped with many computers and had lofts to sit in and enjoy the quiet.

After the tour, I had an interview with a very nice admissions counselor. She wanted to know all about me, and in turn easily answered my questions. I was very pleased with this visit. The atmosphere is very welcoming. The size of under 1,000 students is good for me. I would rather choose a college where my name would be known throughout most of the college campus.

Choosing a college is a very stressful thing that seniors must do; but colleges like Colby-Sawyer make it a lot easier.f

Reviewed in 1997