Clemson University

Clemson, SC: As you enter the town of Clemson, there are many sure signsthat its university will stand out from others. One is the large orange tigerpaws welcoming you and leading the way to the most spirited university in thenation.

As you pull up in front of the Green Beach, you notice bannershanging from the lightposts that read “Time Public College of the Year,”an honor Clemson received in 1999 largely because of its writing program.

All the school’s academic buildings are in superb condition; most are newor recently remodeled. The majority of the dorms are also new and equipped withstate-of-the-art computer access. The campus is an example of architecture at itsfinest, from the majestic clock tower to the beautiful fountains marking theentrance to the library.

The students are extremely enthusiastic abouttheir school, which shows in their athletics and academics. There is an excitingamount of student participation in the university’s clubs, programs andathletics. The Clemson Tigers football team is ranked 16th in the nation, andtheir home-game opening ceremony has been called the “most exciting 20seconds in football.”

The town of Clemson is your stereotypicalcollege town. The residents are just as excited about the university as thestudents are. Everywhere you go, you will find the orange tiger paw logo of theuniversity. The town is in the high country of South Carolina, right on LakeHartwell. This convenient location gives students lots to do offcampus.

All in all, Clemson University provides its students witheverything they could want, from a large array of classes to high spirits, greatathletics and a supportive town.

Reviewed in 2001