Clarkston University

Potsdam, NY: In my search for the right college, I toured Clarkson University, a four-yearprivate college. The school has an acceptance rate of 83 percent, and anundergraduate enrollment of 2,600 students. The campus is rural, with many treesand lawns on the 640-acre campus.

Clarkson is best known for its degreesin engineering: chemical, civil, environmental, electrical, computer, mechanical,and aeronautical. Although engineering is the primary field, business, liberalarts, physical therapy, and science-related degrees are available.

Clarkson also offers something called studies programs, of which thereare three categories: engineering, science, and university studies. Theseprograms are very useful for students who wish to begin their college educationbut don’t want to commit to a major immediately. Students work toward a degree asthey take courses that help them choose an area of interest. There are alsoaccelerated and honors programs, and for students who wish to study two relatedareas, Clarkson has a rigorous double-major program.

Clarkson offers awide variety of activities and sports, including chorus groups, jazz band, musictheater, pep band, yearbook, television and radio stations, magazine, studentgovernment and orchestra. Intercollegiate, intramural and NCAA Division IIIsports are offered; the more popular sports include baseball, basketball,cross-country, golf, lacrosse, skiing, soccer, swimming and volleyball. Men’s icehockey, a very popular sport in the area, is actually Division I, and locals andstudents alike are very supportive of the team.

Many services and supportprograms are offered. Juniors have the option of studying abroad as well asparticipating in a work-study program. Employment services are also offered tohelp pay for college, and counseling and tutoring programs are available to thosewho need help with studies or personal problems.

Ninety-nine percent ofall first-year students live in college housing. Clarkson divides the dorms andapartments according to the student’s year. All freshmen are in the same dorms ina central location. The admissions office is off to one side and the sportscenter is on the other. The lecture halls and new technology buildings are alsonear the dorms.

Overall, I feel Clarkson is a very high-qualityuniversity. The atmosphere is friendly and the courses seem challenging. Thereare many extracurricular activities and sports available to those who choose tobe active. Anyone wishing to obtain a good education, particularly in anengineering field, should schedule a tour at Clarkson University.

Reviewed in 2002