Clark University

Worcester, MA: In December, on a dark and dreary morning, I visited Clark University in Worcester. Only an hour’s drive from Needham, this small (2700 undergraduates) liberal arts university was not too difficult to find.

I met with the Dean of Admissions for a question and answer session. He gave me a general overview of the courses offered at Clark. I learned that the areas of science and psychology are particularly strong as well as the department of geography, which is known all over the world.

Clark does not have sororities or fraternities, nor does it have a football team. Clark students seem to have a focus on a very strong academic program which helps gear them towards plans after graduation. Law school and medical school admissions rank high at Clark and anyone interested in a business degree can graduate with a BA/MBA in five years.

A senior transfer student conducted the campus tour which proved to be extremely informative. I saw various historical buildings and learned that the Goddard rocket was invented at Clark. I also visited the dining room, night club, and student-run grocery store housed in the brand-new glass and beamed chalet-style student union center. The freshman dorm rooms were disappointing and quite small compared to the large and upbeat upperclassman dorms which accommodate six to a room, along with having a kitchen and small living room.

The athletic building consists of a large Olympic-sized pool, many basketball and volleyball courts, and a weight room. Various sports are available at Clark, including baseball, golf, tennis, basketball, field hockey, and swimming. Ice hockey is available as a club sport and the team does compete against other schools throughout the year.

Since it was Saturday, there were no classes in session. The library appeared well-stocked and there were computer rooms available on campus, so you don’t have to own your own computer.

What I will remember most about Clark University was that the students were extremely friendly. For students who want to go to college in the New England area and attend a small campus school within a city that offers shopping, restaurants, nightclubs, and, of course, the Worcester Centrum, then Clark may be the place for you. The very strong academic programs, friendly students, and the assurance that the professors are very accessible to students’ needs, should put Clark high on any junior’s or senior’s college list! n

Reviewed in 1992