Clark Atlanta University : Review

Clark Atlanta University: Review

Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta Georgia really stood out to me out of all the colleges I visited during the weekend. It was a rainy day, but me and my group of belles we’re still determined to go and view this college. I sat waiting patiently when all of a sudden a man and woman with positive attitudes came in and began telling about CAU.

Clark Atlanta University is an HBCU, and is right across from Spelman and Morehouse. All three campuses do a lot of things together, they even share a library held on Clark’s campus. CAU is a big campus. The people seem like they have a bonding brother and sisterhood with each other, that’s something I’m looking forward to when I’m in college.

When the man spoke with us he told us about the many activities Clark has and all the majors. They have my major psychology I was super excited to hear about that. He told us about the library and how it’s open until twelve at night so that’s a good opportunity to study. Late night studying is the best, at least I herd. When the woman spoke with us she was surprised at the type of serious question me and my belles were asking. She thought we would ask about the parties, boys, sororities, things of that sort, but no we were asking about majors, dorms, tuition and things like that.
I liked how your freshman year you have to live on campus, but you can still drive and have a car. I think I would need a car as big as that campus is! Even though I didn’t get a chance to tour the school hearing all that information, I Think I could see myself at CAU after I graduate in 2015!