Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA: While visiting my brotherat Carnegie Mellon University, my parents and I had him show us aroundcampus. A third-year student in a doctorate program, he gave us anextensive tour, particularly of the large math department. CarnegieMellon is the nation’s number-one college for the ACO program(Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization), which is what he got hisMaster’s in. Carnegie Mellon also ranks in the top ten in a lot ofother programs, third behind Harvard and MIT.

Carnegie Mellonalso offers great programs for technology, as well as other mathematicsand science programs. features project collaboration withCMU’s Captcha Project for code verification when applying for aYahoo! email account. CMU is most noted for its technology program, aswell as the Carnegie Institute of Technology.

Located in thebeautiful city of Pittsburgh, CMU holds many incentives for students.While there is limited on-campus housing, there are many affordableapartment complexes within walking distance.

Pittsburgh, home toHeinz Ketchup, steel mills, Three Rivers Stadium and the late Mr.Rogers, is the ideal area for college students. With many diversedistricts only a bus ride away, students are exposed to resources notavailable in many college towns. Read more about the university

Reviewed in 2005