California State University

Chico, CA: If you’re looking for a small-town setting with a big college atmosphere, California State University: Chico is the university for you.

First off, Chico State is a rural college, 100 miles south of Sacramento. The campus is the oldest in the CSU system with a most extravagant setting. A creek runs through the middle of the campus, through all of the ivy-covered brick buildings which give the campus the feeling of an eastern Ivy League school.

The people at Chico are extremely friendly, intriguing people who open right up to strangers. The school is quite diversified with people of different ages, religions, cultures, and creeds. The class sizes are extremely small with about 30 students which allows for a competitive learning environment with a good student/teacher ratio.

All in all, Chico State is a great school for experiencing life and learning simultaneously. With ski areas two hours away, a rural campus, and fun-loving people, Chico State will be an intense experience. f

Reviewed in 1998