Cal Poly State University

San Luis Obispo, CA: Cal Poly, a public university offering its 18,000 students a comprehensive undergraduate education with 64 programs, is also a prestigious engineering school that offers a great education. It is a top-notch aerospace engineering school, and most of these majors are able to find jobs extremely fast after graduation.

The 1,300-acre main campus is gorgeous. It is hilly, which is great for people who enjoy running. The city is built around the college, and the citizens of San Luis Obispo are extremely nice to students.

For those who are wondering how big the parties are: Cal Poly is a dry campus. If students are caught with alcohol, they will be kicked out of their dorm room and after a second offense face possible expulsion.

All in all, Cal Poly is a wonderful place to go because of the great atmosphere. Plus it is quite a bit cheaper than most of the other state schools in California, averaging about a thousand dollars for residents (94% of students at Cal Poly are California residents). For a lot more information, go to and see if this is the school for you!

Reviewed in 2004