Cabrini College

Radnor,PA: I started looking at colleges my junior year, and at first I didn’t know whatto expect because college still seemed a zillion years away. But I narrowed downthe number and started checking them out. The first I visited was Cabrini Collegein Radnor, PA. I hadn’t heard of it before I received their information in themail.

At the beginning I was nervous because I was sure someone wouldnotice I wasn’t even a senior yet. But walking into the admissions office, I feltright at home. The secretaries were so welcoming and the office had a comfortablefeel. When I met our spirited tour guide, she took us around the small butfriendly campus. Every question we asked was answered, often with more thanenough information. It was great to have someone tell the truth about campus lifeand cafeteria food. She gave me pointers on what to get involved in and even whatto bring. She was so great that I felt like she was a friend I hadn’t seen inawhile.

After the tour, I was interviewed by an admissions officer. Hemade me feel so comfortable that again I felt like I was talking to a friend.During the interview I mentioned how great the tour had been and how helpfuleveryone on campus was. He was pleased I had enjoyed it so much.

As ourvisit ended, my mother was trying to figure out the best way home, and one of thesecretaries went so far as to look up directions online.

I felt like Ihad just experienced something awesome. Cabrini automatically has an advantageover other colleges I have since visited because of their outstanding staff andstudents. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or intimidated. Although the campusis small, it gives the college a “family” environment.

Icouldn’t ask for a better location, either. Woods surround the campus, but don’tthink it’s in the middle of no-man’s land, because about a mile away is the Kingof Prussia Mall, one of the largest on the East Coast. So, this college offersboth a beautiful campus and a busy town. The education is great because of thesmall class sizes and you really get to know your professors. And I’m not justquoting their pamphlet, I witnessed it firsthand!

Cabrini spoiled me forother colleges. My visits to other colleges didn’t even begin to compare to thewarmth of Cabrini College. It’s definitely one you have to check out!

Reviewed in 2003