Bucknell University

Bucknell is situated on a 300-acre hill, overlooking the Lewisburg, PA area. The campus is impeccably clean: the lawns look like sod; the beautiful old brick buildings are perfectly aligned; the walkways looked freshly-scrubbed.

The college town, Lewisburg, though a quaint and small town seems to lack excitement. There are some small restaurants, a movie theater, and even a bar within walking distance from the college. Obviously Lewisburg is not a “night spot” for students. It seems that the social life centers around the fraternities and the campus itself.

I really enjoyed seeing this college. The library is wonderful, and seems suited to the needs of Bucknell’s 3,500 students. The student union building was also nice. I ate at one of the cafeterias in the student center and the food wasn’t too bad! The buffet style was a bit confusing, however. The school store is quite large and serves the needs of the students.

I was able to check out several dorm rooms during my visit. The rooms varied as much as the students in them! One of the suites on the campus was lovely and big, while another was small and dark. The athletic facilities are spacious and modern, the fieldhouse is only 10 years old.

Walking around the campus, I saw many Greek letters since there are twelve fraternities and eight sororities at Bucknell. The frats have their own houses, while the “sisters” must reside in separate parts of the dorms.

Bucknell has a beautiful new theater for the arts. The volunteer working there told us that it was where groups coming to the college performed. The school orchestra had performed there the night before. I believe that this is one of the best aspects of the school. The schedule for the performing groups for the coming year looked promising and very entertaining.

Most of the people here seemed very friendly and outgoing. The tour was enjoyable and informative also. The students here for the most part are hard-workers, however, it was evident that there were opportunities to have a good time also.

A strong liberal arts center for learning, interesting students, a fine faculty and a beautiful setting is what you will discover at Bucknell. I enjoyed my one day visit in April, and encourage others to look into this college.

Reviewed in 1990