Bucknell University

Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell University may be in a rural area, but with 4,000 students, greatathletics, a Greek-dominated campus and involved students, something is alwayshappening. If you don’t mind an hour’s drive to a major city and enjoy a closecommunity, you should check it out.

Bucknell boasts over 150 studentorganizations, as well as 12 fraternities and eight sororities, making it nearthe top of Princeton Review’s party-school list. But don’t get the wrongimpression, for while Bucknell students know how to have a good time, they alsohit the books, earning a spot in the top 30 liberal arts schools in the nation.In addition to their reputation for academic excellence, the school is known forits high retention rate (94 percent), which indicates that students are happyenough to stay.

The brochure cannot portray the beauty of Bucknell’scampus. Stately brick buildings adorn the hills, many recently renovated, and thedorms are just as nice inside as outside. The campus may be a little hilly, butit’s easy to get around, and the perfectly landscaped lawns and walkways make astroll across campus enjoyable.

Visiting the new sports complex reassuresyou of the school’s commitment to athletics. A Division I school, Bucknell hasintercollegiate sports for men and women, as well as clubteams.

Lewisburg, a town of about 30,000, lies at the foot of Bucknell’scampus and offers students restaurants and stores for basic needs. A nice townwith Victorian architecture, Lewisburg may not have a happening night life, butit does have a train station and many hotels and inns.

During my visitI bought a sweatshirt in the bookstore, and I’ve been amazed at the number ofcomments people have made. The best information about a school comes from thosewho’ve attended, and I’ve met alumni and students who all rave about theunbelievable experience Bucknell University offers.

Reviewed in 2003