Bryant College

Smithfield, RI: If you’re thinking about a career in sports management, information technology, entertainment or law, BryantCollege will help you achieve your personal best, become a leader and make bigthings happen.

The school’s enrollment is just over 2,500 with 81 percentliving on campus. Tuition is $18,480 (room and board is another $7,500), butfinancial aid is available. It is easy to make friends at Bryant with studentscoming from 3l states and 42 countries.

Bryant’s curriculum is a balanceof liberal arts and business, which is perfect for gaining the competitive edgeto be successful in life. You’ll have a chance to make connections that will behelpful after graduation.

In the classroom, Bryant emphasizes teamwork,organization and leadership, which also applies to the school’s 19intercollegiate, six intramural and eleven club sports. There are 60organizations, which gives you plenty of chances to continue or take up newinterests.

Bryant’s recruiting program includes more than 350 companies,and 98 percent of alumni are employed or go to graduate school within six monthsof graduation. So, don’t waste time-apply to Bryant College immediately.

Reviewed in 2002