Bridgewater, VA: Bridgewater College is located deep in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.Founded in 1880, this small co-ed school is associated with the Church of theBrethren.

On my tour, I found this campus easy to walk, so you do not needa car. All the students were very friendly and willing to share information andexperiences about Bridgewater.

Housing is unique at this school. Thedorms, both for men and women, are larger than average. In one of the guy’s dormhalls, each wing has a different theme and the walls are decorated accordingly.Bridgewater’s “honors” housing program is very different. It is not forthose in the honors program, rather it is on- and off-campus housing in wherestudents are “on their honor” to abide by school rules.

Withinthe male population, there seems to be a large jock group. For all the”non-jocks” out there, if you worry about working out with all thesports teams, have no fear, there are separate athletic facilities for teams andfor individuals. One interesting feature is an indoor pool with a floor thatadjusts so the depth can be changed for different events.

Everyone wantsto know about college food. Having eaten in the large cafeteria, I can tell youthat Bridgewater serves up a large variety that is much better than”barely-edible.”

Overall, Bridgewater College provides agreat sense of community and many activities for all interests. After my informalinterview and campus tour, Bridgewater College quickly jumped to the top of mylist. I think I may have found the school for me.

Reviewed in 2002