Waltham, MA: I recently had the opportunity to attend an open house at Brandeis University. Before this open house, I really did not know a lot about Brandeis except that it was a highly competitive university with one of the strongest liberal arts reputations in New England. By attending this open house, not only did I learn more about Brandeis, but I also got a feeling of what life at Brandeis would be like.

Brandeis is situated on an open, rolling campus, combining modern architecture with rural beauty. Located in Waltham, Brandeis is easily accessible to Boston and Cambridge.

Brandeis is a very diverse university, attracting students not only from the 50 states, but from all corners of the world. There are slightly under 4000 students, which is a nice size for a student body, neither too big nor too small. Classes are also fairly small, giving students an opportunity to get to know their professors, many of whom are internationally-known scholars, on a one-to-one basis. Brandeis is also a national leader in placing students in graduate schools.

Brandeis is a very active campus, both socially and politically. There is a plethora of clubs, ranging from the progressive music society to the students for choice, the medieval society (Brandeis has its own castle on campus) and students for environmental action. There is also a wide variety of athletic activities, both on the varsity and intramural level. Brandeis is on the verge of completing the Joseph and Clara Ford Athletic and Recreation Complex. When completed in January, it will be one of the region’s largest multi-purpose facilities and will host many sporting events and concerts.

So, if you are the type of student who likes to be challenged academically and wants a culturally rich campus (Brandeis has its own theater and art museum) abounding with all types of activity, then a trip to Brandeis will definitely be worth your while.

Reviewed in 1991