Brandeis University

Waltham, MA: On October 12, I attended the Open House at Brandeis University. It was a grey Saturday morning, but the students and admissions staff had arranged a cheery welcome. The day started with a great reception of pastries (and coffee) as well as an information speech by the head of admissions. He told us more about Brandeis and outlined the various choices we had in planning our day at Brandeis.

I attended an interesting Pre-Law and Pre-Med seminar, as well as an International Studies seminar. They were great! I learned a lot about the many academic programs Brandeis offers. For a school of just under 3,000 undergraduates, it offers a wide spectrum of studies that is competitive with larger schools.

But academics alone do not make a school great. The facilities at Brandeis are amazing. The library contains close to one million volumes, and carries 7,500 periodicals. The dorms are nice, and the new athletic facility to be completed this winter will be the sixth largest in New England.

The school sits on a large hill overlooking the Charles River. Though it is only ten miles from Boston, it sits on 250 acres of land, surrounded by trees and nice views. The “Castle,” which was built before the University was founded, is a replica of one in Ireland. It adds a bit of character to what is primarily a modern campus.

If the facilities and academics are not enough for you, there are over 120 student clubs, organizations, and interest groups in which to participate. From Model UN and the student-run WBRS (radio station) to Boris’ Kitchen Comedy Troupe, there is something for everyone.

Finally, the students I met were open and friendly. They are enthusiastic about Brandeis, and were very involved. The student body is also very diverse. Though Brandeis was founded by a Jewish group, it actively seeks and welcomes those from all ethnic and religious backgrounds. n

Reviewed in 1992