Bowdoin College

Brunswick, ME: Bowdoin College is located in Brunswick, one of the largesttowns in Maine. The small residential campus of 1,600 undergraduates is onlythree miles from the coast.

Bowdoin has a competitive admittance rate of32%, but there is little competition among the students. Surprisingly, nostandardized test scores are required for admission, in recognition that studentswho are not good test takers will have SAT scores that may not reflect theirscholastic accomplishments.

The campus itself is a series of red brickbuildings surrounded by trees. In the center of the campus is a grassy area wherestudents can study, play games or just relax. The only gargoyle in the state ofMaine is located at the top of Bowdoin’s Hubbard Hall.

Bowdoin has astrong science department with 17% of the student body majoring in biology,making it the second most popular major after social sciences and history.Students are vigorously challenged in their classes. There are many opportunitiesto work one-on-one with teachers due to the small student-teacher ratio. A largepercentage of students spend at least part of their junior year studying abroad.Some students have become teachers themselves and return after a few years towork on campus.

A few years ago, all fraternities and sororities wereclosed and converted into dorms to give Bowdoin a more close-knit feel. Dorms andapartments are available on campus, though some students choose to rent summerhomes on the coast and commute to campus.

U.S. News and World Reportranked Bowdoin as the fifth best liberal-arts school in the country. It wassecond in the country for its fine cafeteria cuisine. There is also a bar andgrill located in the Student Union. Most weekends, there are parties or tripssponsored by the dorms.

This is a school for those who want a close-knitcampus.

Reviewed in 2002