Boston University

Boston, MA: Boston University hasbeen one of my top choices ever since I began compiling mylist. I read about it in viewbooks and even filled out myapplication before formally visiting the campus. I felt I knewthe city, and since BU has a city campus, I felt I had apretty good idea of what it might be like. I finally visitedthe campus, and I was right. When I stepped off the subway, Ilooked around and knew that when I thought of college, this isexactly what popped into my head. With beautiful brownstoneresidence halls and the hustle and bustle of the city, you’rebound to have a great experience.

Located in the heartof Boston, students have access to the entire city. In fact,the campus is the city. Having grown up in a small town, thislarge, diverse student population definitely appeals to me. Iwent directly to the admissions office where I met with afreshman who took me to a Political Science class. I stronglysuggest this experience to anyone seriously thinking aboutcollege. As I looked around the lecture hall, I realized thatno row of seats was dominated by any one ethnic group. It wassuch a difference from my small hometown, and a welcomeone.

Not only is the student body diverse andopen-minded, they are also very talented. This school has astrong academic program with so many majors you will neverhave a problem finding what you’re looking for. There is aSchool for the Arts where you can study studio or performingarts. Boston University has a competitive sports program andtraining facility. You can study abroad, or intern in thecity, depending on your major. For some, this may beoverwhelming, but I found it invigorating.

Before Ileft I checked out a residence hall and had lunch. No matterwhere you go to school, you have to sleep and eat. Thedormitory-style residence hall I saw was co-ed by floor,meaning there was an all-girl floor and an all-boy floor. Therooms were pretty standard, though I’ve definitely seen worse.The security is fairly strict regarding the bigger dorms, butI think this is appropriate and practical.

Although Ididn’t eat at a regular dining hall, I hear that the food israther good compared with other schools. I ate at the studentunion, a large building with a food court dining facilitywhere you could choose everything from Starbucks toDAngelo’s.

I got a feeling for Boston University andconsider it my top choice. I suggest a visit; from the minuteI was greeted by my guide, until the time I left, I feltcompletely welcome and at home.

Reviewed in 1999