Boston University

I had been accepted to BU under a dual degree program for the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences. Immediately after my acceptance I decided to visit the school with my parents to see how the atmosphere of the school was like. When entering Boston University you don’t really notice at all because it is right in the middle of Boston and has no isolated campus. The first thing I noticed was a long train line that ran through the campus and it seemed to be very convenient for going from place to place.

My parents and I were invited to the open house and when we stepped inside we were presented with a lovely building and delicious looking food. The breakfast we had there was superb and everyone that greeted us was incredibly nice. My parents and I took a tour around the school and it was just like being in the NYC which was where I was from. You had stores on every block and ways to go where you wanted. And of course everyone was super nice and made you feel welcome. I really enjoyed the school and I hope that anyone in their college search picks a school like Boston University.