Boston University

Boston, MA: College is something that everyone should take extremely seriously. In my opinion, without it you are definitely not guaranteed a good job. But who wants to go to a school that is time-consuming and expensive if it’s not worth it. I have looked into several colleges and realize that some just aren’t for everyone. Some students need more individual attention so a large college won’t be for them. One school that really caught my eye was Boston University. The whole atmosphere is beautiful.

Boston is a very populated area with many college students, since there are 60 colleges in the area. There is no reason to be stuck on campus because it’s in the heart of Boston, a big city. BU has about 18,000 full time undergrad students, so needless to say, it’s a pretty big school. However, the average class size is 20. This school has ­become quite competitive.

Boston University’s campus is extraordinarily beautiful and has a lot of history. It’s a very peaceful and clean environment. The university itself is over a mile and a half long. The buildings are lovely and well maintained. The housing system is the nation’s tenth largest among four-year colleges, with 76 percent living on campus. The Mugar Memorial Library is the campus’s central library which is really nice and well-kept. There is a courtyard, and a lot of peaceful study lounges.

Another plus for BU is the athletics. It has recently spent $250 million on new or enhanced athletic facilities. It is mainly known for its hockey team, since it doesn’t have football. Students usually go to games. Also there are tons of extracurricular activities, including art clubs, chorus, robotics team, and student council.

Boston University seems like a very well-rounded college. The student life and atmosphere seem peaceful and calm. I really like that it’s a big college in a city. So if you’re a people person, this college is definitely for you since there are lots of people to get to know and lots of places to go so you’re never bored. Boston itself is in a beautiful state with tons of history. I would recommend this college to everyone. The only thing I don’t like is they don’t have a volleyball team.

After researching BU, I am considering applying. The professors are very good. All of the students are very involved and care about their school. Being surrounded by people with the same interests makes you like the school even more. See their website: