Boston University

Boston, MA: In early August, I finally seriously started visiting colleges. One of my first trips was nearby Boston University. I spent the day touring much of the university and attended a special forum for high school seniors.

I learned many things about B.U. The university boasts close to 14,000 students who come from all over the world. They come to take advantage of all the opportunities which B.U. has to offer. From the College of Liberal Arts to the College of Engineering, B.U. offers a wide range of studies. Personally I’m leaning towards being a History major, but I like knowing that B.U. offers a solid liberal arts education with hundreds of career choices if I were to change my major.

Though the campus is large and rather spread out through Kenmore Square (it can, in fact, be a bit daunting), I soon figured out where things were. I talked to many friendly students who were happy being at B.U., and more than willing to answer questions ranging from academics to the overnight guest policy.

The tour was very insightful in terms of learning about the facilities. The dorms are modern and large. (Warren Towers is over twenty storeys high with shops on the ground floor and parking garage just for one dorm.) Some of the rooms, however, are a bit small. As you become an upperclassman, the rooms get nicer and less crowded.

B.U. offers great athletic facilities in the Case Center, and with over 250 student organizations/clubs, there’s something for everybody. The classrooms and eating areas were all modern, fresh, and clean. I also met some of the admissions staff and a representative from the financial aid office. They were all more than willing to help and answer individual questions.

Whether or not B.U. is for me, I’m not sure. It is a very busy place, and full of good opportunities. It is, however, an expensive investment at $22,510 (although B.U. awards $15 million in aid to its entering freshmen). Still, I’d recommend taking a good look at Boston University; it was a pleasant surprise for me. n

Reviewed in 1991