Boston University

Boston, MA: Boston University is one of the largest universities in the country, with almost 30,000 students. The student body is impressively diverse, coming from 54 states and territories and 87 different nations. As a person who enjoys meeting new people and living in a large university setting, I was immediately interested, yet overwhelmed with the statistics until my visit.

The campus is located in the center of Boston, the infamous “college town” – one in five people living there is a student. The long stretch of buildings that comprise the immense campus is surrounded by Boston’s many historical sights, an array of museums, and theaters on one side. On the other side, the tranquility of the Charles River provides a sense of peacefulness unusual in an urban setting.

My tour guide was very knowledgeable and personable as were the professors and staff I encountered. What impressed me the most was that although the university is large, admission into the School of Education (the school to which I plan to apply) is very limited: a maximum of 120 students are accepted per class. This size allows for a close-knit community within the school where the professors know each student personally.

The education curriculum at Boston University is also recognized as one of the best of its kind. Undergraduates get practical experience since the university manages the school system of the nearby city of Chelsea.

Overall, I would recommend the School of Education within Boston University, especially for anyone interested in the field who is looking for a small community setting, with the opportunities of a large, well-known university.

Reviewed in 1998