Boston University

Boston, MA: Boston is well-known for its many prestigious colleges and universities. Among them, Boston University stands out for many reasons. Established in 1839, BU has always admitted only the finest students, regardless of race, sex or religion. Many BU buildings are right on Commonwealth Avenue, and while this urban setting adds a sense of independence, the campus isn’t all city streets – there is a stretch of grass next to the Charles River known as the BU Beach where students can relax and enjoy the blossoms of the cherry trees in spring.

With 31,697 students and 3,812 faculty members, Boston University has something for everyone. The university has 17 smaller schools and colleges with 250 undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs. Furthermore, BU offers the chance to study abroad with 65 programs in 30 countries.

BU’s libraries link to other college libraries in the area – and there are many – so one can find whatever information is needed. Also, there are a variety of dorms to choose from, ranging from the huge Warren Towers for freshmen to the smaller, picturesque brownstones.

Extracurricular activities are never in short supply at BU, either. There is a vast array of clubs, and if the club is not offered, students can apply for funding to create it. BU also offers 24 NCAA Division I varsity sports, including the Terrier’s celebrated hockey.

BU has it all, in a city with plenty of culture. For more information see the university’s website,