Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA: Choosing the right college is a difficult process, one that begins during the junior year of high school and does not end until mid-April of senior year, when the acceptance letters are sent out. Like other high school students, I have been trying to find a post-secondary school that is right for me. My search for the “perfect” school ended the day the Viewbook from Boston College arrived in the mail. Of the majors the book listed, two were English and communications, both of which I am considering. Not only does B.C. offer strong academic programs, but their athletic department is also very renowned. This is mainly because the school participates in Division One athletics. When I visited the campus in Newton, Massachusetts, I was expecting a small- to medium-sized campus. Instead, I arrived at a campus much larger than I expected. To my surprise, I did not find the size overwhelming, but thought it to be comfortable.

Most of the freshmen class does not live on the main campus, but have their own campus five minutes away. This gives the freshmen class an opportunity to unify and get to know one another better. The facilities available for students are well maintained and modernized, and each year one building on campus is chosen to be renovated. Due to the constant care the administration gives the campus, the learning process is enhanced by new technologies added each year.

Since college is also about maturing and making new friends, I also paid attention to the people on the campus during my tour. Everyone seemed friendly and full of spirit, and the positive attitude simply added to the atmosphere of the campus. With the suitable curriculum, athletic department, facilities, and spirited student body, Boston College quickly became my first choice school. f

Review by

H. V., East Providence, RI

Reviewed in 1994