Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA: Only 20 minutes from downtown Boston,Boston College is a co-ed, two-campus university with four undergraduate schools:the School of Business, Nursing, Education, and Arts and Sciences.

Foundedin 1863, Boston College is one of the oldest Jesuit schools in the country with astudent population of more than 8,000 undergraduates and 4,000 graduate studentsfrom all states and countries.

After touring the campus, it was clearwhat makes BC so appealing. The facilities are well-maintained and include arecently constructed theater arts center, a chemistry center, sports complex,modern library and various other buildings. The dorms are scattered around thecampus where most first- and second-year students live. Juniors often move offcampus, then return to BC for senior year.

In addition to its beautifulcampus, BC offers challenging academic programs, a variety of varsity sports,more than 200 clubs, and lots of excitement. Social events are numerous andinclude concerts and theater productions. The main attraction, however, issporting events. Crowds of spirited fans come to watch BC’s football, basketballand hockey teams.

Another feature which makes BC so desirable is itslocation. It has the look and feel of a mid-sized suburban college, but Boston’srapid transit trains transport students into the heart of the city in less thanhalf an hour to visit the many shops, museums and restaurants.

BC pridesitself on offering a variety of opportunities so students have a full andexciting college experience. Whether you are interested in a suburban college orcity life, Boston College could be right for you!

Reviewed in 2001