Boston College

Newton, MA: Located in Chestnut Hill, five miles from the heart of historic Boston, Boston College is a culturally diverse school that prides itself on its core curriculum. BC is a private school that follows the Jesuit beliefs in a core curriculum of 15 required courses. This gives you the chance to explore your options before selecting a major. And don’t worry if religion isn’t your thing, you are not forced to participate, though you are invited to the many religious services.

Home of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Carroll School of Management, the Connell School of Nursing and the Lynch School of Education, the college offers many majors and minors. You are given either three or four years of campus housing. Freshmen have typical dorms with one roommate. Sophomores have suites that house four, six or eight. Junior year is spent off campus, but all apartments are within a mile with transportation available. Senior year, you are welcome back to campus with townhouse apartments or suites.

Athletics at Boston College are very popular with 31 Division One teams. If you are not on any of those teams, you can join one of the 14 club teams or 20 intramurals teams. School spirit is evident throughout the year at every sporting event, big or small. The “Recplex” (Flynn Recreation Center) has a track, basketball and volleyball and tennis courts. You name it, they have it. It also boasts probably the only tanning patio at a college. With 230 clubs and organizations, there’s bound to be a club of interest.

Boston College also has a Career Center that guides students through college from choosing a major to career choices after graduation. Their internship program is very popular, with opportunities ranging from unpaid local internships to paid ones in many locations, even California. Study abroad is another popular program; students can choose from 27 countries.

The only drawback is the cost: $36,000 a year. Another may be the New England weather – for those of you who want to be warm all the time, Boston should not be

your home. Although very nice in the summer and spring, winters are snowy and cold. If you are looking for a serene college just outside a major city, though, Boston College is for you.

Reviewed in 2003