Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA: This past August I went to visit Boston College. Found eight miles outside of Boston, BC is full of history and adventure. Boston College consists of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Wallace E. Carroll School of Management, the School of Education, and the School of Nursing, all delivering a Jesuit education. Following a “core” curriculum plan, each BC student will be lead to degrees in more than 40 areas of study.

Outside the classroom, BC has over 100 student-run organizations and sponsors 17 varsity teams for men and 15 varsity teams for women, all competing at the NCAA Division I level. I must add that on my tour of the campus, I was taken to the Conte Forum which literally left me in awe. This complex is home to indoor tennis, volleyball, racquetball, and basketball courts, not to mention the hockey rink.

Academically, Boston College ranks among the highly competitive liberal arts schools. BC is a small, private liberal arts school found on two campuses totaling 160 acres of woodland. In the midst of the tall, ivy-covered buildings stands the Thomas O’Neill, Jr. Library boasting stained-glass windows portraying the plays of William Shakespeare.

I recommend taking advantage of the non-binding Early Action program at BC to help in the decision process. The BC alumni know that a Boston College education will enhance your understanding of yourself and the world we live in by providing an educational experience to be remembered. n

Reviewed in 1992