Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA: Walking the tranquil grounds of Boston College, I knew almost from the start that I was going to love this school. Just the sight of the green lawns and Gothic architecture enticed me.

After I listened to the tour guide speak about the campus – 9,000 undergraduate students, over a hundred acres spread around the Chestnut Hill area – the only reservation I had was the college’s religious Jesuit affiliation. I was nervous that I might not fit in but found this is not the case. Our guide explained that while the college is religious, the priests who teach are just like other teachers. They show up at BC sports games wearing T-shirts and jeans just like everyone else. This information relaxed me.

As we continued with the tour, I learned more about what Boston College had to offer. Students have the option of studying abroad, internships, sports, clubs, and many other activities. Sports are big at BC, and the school is full of spirit. While walking around the campus, I counted at least 10 people wearing the famous bright yellow Superfan T-shirt.

Even though sports are a big deal, the tour guide explained that academics are more important. Furthermore, students help each other. Selflessness is one of the Jesuit beliefs. The students constantly volunteer at shelters and hospitals – because they want to. I resisted the urge to raise my hand to ask that the tour guide repeat that tidbit. At my high school, most kids volunteer to fulfill college requirements, not from the goodness of their hearts.

The more I heard about Boston College, the more I wanted to go there. However, tuition is expensive and admission requirements are high (the average SAT score this year was a 1938 out of the new 2400 scale).

But I plan to apply anyway. Boston College offers basically everything one could want: diversity on campus, sports, clubs, guest speakers, concerts, school spirit, great academics, a beautiful location, and the Jesuit beliefs. To learn more about Boston College (and Superfan spirit), check out their website: