Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA: Located in a suburb, Boston College provides students with a wide range of opportunities. The school is a study in contrasts; though a university with 9,000 undergraduates, the campus has a surprisingly intimate feeling. And, though a strong school academically, students still demonstrate tremendous school spirit and commitment to their sports teams. Though not in downtown Boston, students can easily commute to the city to shop, have dinner or visit one of Boston’s many other colleges.

Because of its Jesuit tradition of a well-rounded liberal-arts education that educates the person as a whole, Boston College is perfect for those searching for a balanced education. Athletics, particularly hockey, basketball and football, are a source of pride at the school. You can see Boston College students on fall Saturdays wearing their yellow and maroon “Superfan” shirts at football games. The beautiful, spacious campus is also home to one of the world’s largest Jesuit communities.

For those seeking academic and personal challenges coupled with an exciting and active social life, I can think of no better school than Boston College. Check out their website at

Reviewed in 2005