Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA: The epitome of a “well-rounded school,” the immensely popular Boston College in suburban Chestnut Hill offers everything a student could ever ask for. I learned this not only from attending a well-presented information session and engaging campus tour, but by donning the classic maroon and gold as a spectator at an Eagles football game. In watching the screaming students in their “Superfan” shirts and talking to the equally passionate alumni, it was evident that everyone associated with BC loves it.

That intense devotion is well earned. BC has stayed true to its commitment to a liberal arts, Jesuit, and undergraduate-focused education. Though fairly large with 9,000 undergrads, the school maintains exceptionally high academic standards – the average SAT score for the class of 2010 was 1983 out of 2400. Yet, Boston College makes room for all types of applicants, including those who excel athletically. BC has a nationally recognized Division I athletics program, and more than 6,300 students participate in various intramural and club sports.

Students at BC find themselves in the perfect location, too, sandwiched comfortably between a bustling city and the quiet suburbs. The college’s proximity to Boston not only allows for valuable internship experience at the country’s best hospitals and companies but also various entertainment opportunities. The Hub boasts museums, professional sports teams, concerts, restaurants, and Newbury Street, a mecca for shoppers and artists. Coming home to a dorm in Chestnut Hill nullifies the dangers that come with living in a city, and allows for a campus full of lush commons and striking architecture.

Most important, BC’s quality of life is top tier. It starts with the housing facilities, where students live in spacious, community-like dorms. Some seniors even win the right to live in the legendary “Mods,” eight-person apartment houses complete with a grill and picnic table in the backyard. Vegetarians and meat lovers alike rave about the delicious food, and students take advantage of different services that help them adjust to college life, like the Career Center program and religious retreat activities.

The visible passion of the students at the football game, products of BC’s solid academics, vibrant social life, and sense of community, made me feel like an Eagle. “Ever to excel” is Boston College’s motto, and it fits perfectly. Learn more at