Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA: As soon as you walk onto the campus at Boston College, it is evident that you will be comfortable there. The whole college has a peaceful atmosphere, and so does Chestnut Hill, the town where it is located. Only a few miles from Boston, the college is surrounded by huge brick houses, not the run-down apartments found elsewhere in the area. The streets around the college are quite a relief after driving on the insanely busy streets around Boston.

Driving through the gate to the college, one enters a tree-lined street. The buildings on all sides display beautiful gothic architecture. There are many religious symbols in the architecture; but, after all, the school is run by Jesuits. The campus also offers grassy quads and many places where students can gather and talk.

Everyone at the school was extremely helpful and pleasant. When we learned that the last tour had concluded, we were told that the reference desk in the enormous library might have some admission information. The man at the desk gave us brochures and pointed out on a map all the areas of interest. He even took us to the huge picture window running along one wall and pointed out the buildings. He asked if we had any questions, and then spent a full half-hour answering them. I have not found hospitality like that at any other college that I visited.

After the library, my father and I walked around the campus. Usually, I am very self-conscious being at a college with my parents, but I felt very comfortable here. We even went into the Student Center, something I usually flatly refuse to do.

One of the reasons that I felt so comfortable at Boston College was that everybody was so friendly. Another reason was that there were so many things going on. The campus was peaceful but bustling with energy. If this sounds contradictory, you’ll just have to visit. On this Saturday afternoon, there were literally hundreds of students enjoying the beautiful weather. Spontaneous volleyball games were being set up. Students were playing Frisbee and just sitting on the grass, socializing. Also, as a community service project to take inner-city kids from their urban surroundings, there were many children around,with students playing games with them.

Boston College is a place where you can spend four years of your life and never be at a loss for anything to do. The students were creative, helpful, and friendly. I would recommend B.C. to anyone. f

Reviewed in 1995