Boca Raton

I recently visited the College of Boca Raton in Florida.

This is a young private college with 1100 students from all over the United States. The campus, on 123 acres, is very pretty. The classes are small, and, all the buildings, including the dorms are air conditioned. One dorm is co-ed, while the other two are single sex, which is unusual for Florida schools. The rooms are average size for typical dorms. The interview and tour were individualized unlike the larger colleges I visited. Because Boca Raton is a relatively new school, it is constantly changing and improving its curriculum. They are fast eliminating most of the two year programs and growing into a full four year school.

Since it is such a small school, everyone is very friendly and everyone truly knows each other. During my tour, the provost walked by and stopped to talk to me about my major, future plans, etc, which did not happen at any of the other schools I visited. The sports program is very big; and it is one of the few colleges with varsity women’s soccer. There is one dining room and I was told the food is pretty good. There are many opportunities for part-time work off-campus since Boca Raton is a big tourist area. When I left the campus I was given a college tee shirt as a gift.

Reviewed in 1990