Bloomsburg University

Bloomsburg, PA: The campus is beautiful, with the hills, slopes and streams bringing out the natural aspects of the place. The tress, flowers and the fog in the morning filled the place with fresh air.

The cafeteria, itself, is not very big, but it is clean and things are orderly. The food was not great; however, the desserts were delicious. There were all sorts of ice cream and drinks, but breakfast, lunch and dinner were pretty much the same in all the colleges that I visited. Scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, hamburger, steaks were served, basically what we eat every day.

The dormitory was suitable, clean with bathrooms big enough for each hall. Two people live in each room, with each having two desks. Although the desk was old, it was still strong and sturdy. The lights are bright to study comfortably. The closets and cabinets were convenient to store clothing and shoes.

The size of a class depends on the subject. Some of the classrooms are as big as a small auditorium, but most of the classes are the size of a normal high-school class, with about twenty students in a normal class. It is quiet around the halls so students can concentrate on their studies.

The bookstore is magnificent. It has everything a student needs to study. There were books and math games on sale for reasonable prices. The recreation center has arcades, billiards and a swimming pool. The place is stress-free. A day at Bloomsburg was quite an experience. f

Reviewed in 1997