Binghamton University

When my older brother began looking at colleges, hefound it extremely difficult to find the “right one.” Aftervisiting various colleges, he decided that Binghamton offered the bestprogram for him.

Located in upstate New York, Binghamton is abeautiful campus to walk around and admire Mother Nature. During thefall, the trees are broccoli rainbows. During the winter, a coat ofwhite snow crystals blankets the ground. Since Binghamton is so farnorth, snow and ice are constant companions throughout the winter.Whatever time of year, the campus is always a magnificentsight.

Tuition dollars, however, must purchase more than seasonalscenery; tuition must also buy a strong educational program. The broadcourse selection at Binghamton assures a comprehensive education. Thereare numerous choices of majors at Binghamton. Additionally, all thestudents speak extremely highly of the social life. Sports, clubs andactivities play an immense role at this college.

BinghamtonUniversity is a place for new beginnings, experiences and memories.

Reviewed in 1998