Berry College

Rome,GA: “We educate the head, the heart and the hands,” the admissionsofficer at Berry College said. Sitting in the small, oak-paneled office with mymother, I did not see how this college was any different from the other two wehad recently visited. As we explored the campus on our student-led tour, however,I began to see how this college really is different.

Berry was oneof the most beautiful places I’ve seen and is in a small town between Chattanoogaand Atlanta. The area is rural to the point that the Super Wal-Mart is listed asone of the things to do in Rome, Georgia. Aside from that, imagine one of theworld’s largest campuses: 28,000 acres of lush rolling pastures, dense forestswith moss-covered oaks, streams, lakes and deer. Lots of deer – our student guidetold us the deer to student ratio was 7:1, and trust me, we saw plenty.

Itwasn’t just the breath-taking scenery that made Berry different, though. I couldactually picture myself there. Sure, some of the other colleges were nice, but Ijust didn’t see myself there. But I can imagine waking up in my own gothic-style,castle-like dorm room (two years from now), going for long runs on wooded trailsas part of the Viking cross-country team, and going to class in brand-new sciencelabs with professors who care. I’d be part of the 75 percent of students who workon campus. I could milk cows or groom horses. That evening I could go to mass ina log cabin before joining other students to watch an outdoor movie in the fieldacross from the admissions office.

Some mottos seem like they are just abunch of words to impress people, but at Berry, they live by their motto. I knowI’ve just begun the long search for the perfect college, but I think I will havea hard time finding one that fits me better than Berry.

Reviewed in 2003