Bates College

Lewiston, ME: Lewiston did not immediately appear to be the prime “college town.” The streets were empty, except for the occasional 7-Eleven or K-Mart. As we entered the more rural (actually, it’s all pretty rural) area of Lewiston, the campus of Bates College got closer. Having seen the campus once before under a heavy blanket of snow, I was anxious to see it in the spring. Much to my pleasure, the campus was gorgeous. The rolling lawns surrounding a large pond in the center of the dormitories and academic buildings gave the college a very comfortable demeanor. Instead of the concrete and unwelcoming atmosphere of many big city universities, Bates presents the student visitor with the image of a “home away from home.”

Of course, the academic aspect of any college is somewhat more important than its physical appearance. Bates definitely receives an “A” in this category and is so ranked in the U.S. News & World Report. Besides offering the student the advantages of a small school environment, almost every area of study is excellent. Among the top majors are history, psychology, English, and the languages. Being a small college, Bates offers the students prime classroom environments. With a student body of around 2000, the class sizes at Bates enable all students to get to know the professors and other students instead of feeling like a number in a lecture hall.

If you are seeking a rural, small school environment to spend the next four years of your life, Bates College may be just the place. Beautiful all year round and offering a high-quality education, Bates is worth every cent of its typical private school price tag. n

Reviewed in 1992