Austin Peay State University

Clarksville, TN: Visiting Austin Peay State University, you’ll quickly realize how charming the campus, friendly the students and how helpful the staff are. With 9,000 students, APSU may not be one of the largest universities, but if you’re looking for a homey atmosphere, then it should definitely be among the schools you consider. APSU has smaller classes, so you and your professors will actually know each other and you can have mentorship along with learning. I was able to meet professors from a number of departments who all took the time to show me around and gave me great information about studying in their field.

Even though I am from Clarksville, I might live on campus and am happy that they have a roommate guarantee. This way I can live with my best friend from high school. Plus, there is a switch day, so if we drive each other crazy, we can find another person to live with. There are plenty of student organizations, so whatever your area of interest, there will probably be a club for you to join. APSU has the traditional frats and sororities, but they also have environmental and social-cause organizations.

The town of Clarksville is 45 minutes from Nashville, so if you want to spend your weekend in a bigger town, there you go! It’s comforting to know that Austin Peay has one of the safest campuses in Tennessee, and nothing is more than a ten-minute walk away.

Another great thing about Austin Peay is its food court. With its diverse selection, you’re bound to find something to eat.

If you are interested in sports, there are many, including soccer, football, basketball, cheerleading, track/cross country, volleyball, and a number of others. Austin Peay also has a new fitness and recreation center that is even better than a commercial gym.

All in all, Austin Peay, has a lot to offer and I highly recommend you visit – at the very least, check out You won’t be disappointed!