Augustana University

Rock Island, IL: Augustana College is a private university of liberal arts and sciences overlooking the Mississippi River.

Augustana has many strengths, but for me the most important is the student-faculty ratio of 13-1. At Augustana, the 2,200 students relate and communicate with their professors. With classes of less than 20, students have the opportunity to ask questions and communicate with their professors.

Augustana competes in the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin (CCIW) and NCAA Division III. There are eleven men’s varsity teams and ten women’s, as well as many intramural activities. There is also a junior varsity program in all sports, which gives athletes experience before they get to the varsity level. Four out of five students play in a varsity, club or intramural sport.

Augustana also has its weaknesses. It is a smaller college in a small city. Also, Augustana is on the expensive side since it is a private college. Tuition is approximately $21,600 a year, plus $6,000 for room and board. Don’t panic, though, 95 percent of the student body receives financial assistance with Augustana offering scholarships as well.

Augustana is a nice school if you want a topnotch education. Student life on campus is quite an experience. Many of the students get to know each other during their first year. This school is an excellent choice for students looking to extend their education and have bonding relationships with their professors. Their website is

Reviewed in 2005