Augustana College

RockIsland, IL: Augustana College is an excellent school set on a gorgeous campus inthe center of Rock Island. South Park Mall is just a five-minute drive, Target iseven closer, and there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance. Thiscollege offers the best of both worlds: while providing challenging classes,Augustana has not forgotten about the social aspects, including movies, plays,recitals, dances and much more.

I fell in love with Augie as soon as Istepped onto campus. What amazed me most is that it actually looks like thephotos in the brochure. The sprawling campus is home to 2,200 students, givingthe college a not-too-small but not-too-big feel. The average class size of only20 students is definitely a plus because individualized time is very important inmy learning process. The professors and students are so friendly, and welcomed mefrom the moment I met them.

Two of the most crucial aspects that make orbreak a college are the food and dorms. Both are great at Augustana. There aretwo cafeterias, and both offer a variety of foods that change every day, alongwith the good old standbys of soups, sandwiches, burgers and fries. This yearthey began offering a vegetarian menu that ranges from all-soy meals to foodsthat simply leave out the meat, such as cheese lasagna. After a fully satisfyingmeal, one can go back to the dorm and flop on the bed. First-year students havethe option of living in freshmen-only co-ed dorms, all male or female dorms, orthe mixed-age co-ed dorms. For upperclassmen, town houses areavailable.

My only complaint is the stairs! There are a lot of stairs oncampus. This, however, this can help me avoid the “freshman 15.” I cansplurge in the cafeteria knowing my stair climbing will make up forit!

Augustana College is my first choice. It has academic challenges,social opportunities, a gorgeous campus, and friendly students and faculty.Anyone looking for that combination will surely find it at Augie.

Reviewed in 2002