Art Institute of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA: The Art Institute ofPhiladelphia is in the heart of the city. The Institute lookslike a regular building, but in reality is a very well hiddencollege, housed in an eight-story building crammed withartwork. From the work I saw, this is a great arts college.Students are definitely good artists and very aware of whatthey are doing. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful.

The majors at the school are very flexible. Thisschool seems to focus on your major. The academics don’tcompare to the time spent on one’s art major. This is veryimportant if you intend to be an artist. Concentrating on yourmajor will determine your future job.

This is a greatcollege with many choices. If you love city life and are anartist, this might just be the school for you. They have a lotof open houses, so for more information, call 1-800-275-2474,or 215-567-7080 [and mention you read about them in The 21stCentury].

Reviewed in 1999