Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago, IL: The Art Institute of Chicago offers a wide variety of educational opportunities centered around the visual and related arts. The institute’s main purpose, as stated on its web site, is to “foster the conceptual and technical education of the artist in a highly professional and studio-oriented environment.”

The institute, founded in 1866 by a group of artists, is one of the largest independent art and design schools in the country. It awards degrees on both the undergraduate and graduate level. They offer studies in art and technology, arts administration, art history, art education and art therapy, theory and criticism, fashion design, filmmaking, painting and drawing, performance, photography, sculpture, sound and many more.

One strong point of the college is that it offers counseling services to help students meet their emotional, psychological, and mental health needs. The First Year Access Program (FYAP) provides services to earn a degree. They offer courses in reading and writing that enable students to strengthen their academic skills. Learning specialists are also available to provide individual assistance to students, another strong point of the college.

The college also offers a wide variety of housing options, including the Chicago Building where most students choose to live their first year.

Those who are interested in art would likely be happy at the Art Institute of Chicago. I really couldn’t find any weaknesses with the college, and there are many strong points, including the wide variety of courses, the counseling services, the FYAP program and the housing choices. In my opinion, the Art Institute of Chicago would be a great place to consider going for college.

Reviewed in 2004