Arizona State University Pre-College Program

Tempe,AZ: Over the summer I attended a program at Arizona State University,Math-Science Honors Program. This program lets sophomores, juniors and seniorstake math classes and receive college credit. You need to take a placement testto determine if you belong in Intermediate algebra, pre-calculus or calculus. Theprogram is for students from under-represented groups in math and science fields,and its objective is to enhance potential students for academic success. Theprogram provides everything, including tuition and room and board.

Ilived in a dorm for five weeks. Every day I woke up at six o’clock and atebreakfast at the Memorial Union. At eight a.m. class started. I tookpre-calculus, and the lecture lasted two hours, then we did homework until threeo’clock. We had tutors to assist with our homework who were very helpful. Then wecould do whatever we wanted. I felt like I was really in a collegeatmosphere.

During free time we could go to the very nice gym, theMemorial Union, or back to the dorm. Memorial Union has a food court and anarcade with pool tables.

The dorms are really nice, too. Everyone had aroommate, which was a good way to see what dorm life would really be like. If youneeded help with homework, you could just ask your roommate.

Theteachers, tutors and counselors at Arizona State University were very kind. Ifelt comfortable there and plan to attend this program again next year beforeapplying to ASU for my undergraduate degree.

I recommend other studentsattend this program. It’s a good representation of what college will be like, andthat’s something everyone considering higher education would like to knowabout.

Reviewed in 2002