Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ: If you like big schools with diverse people and loads of majors, the maincampus of Arizona State University may be for you. It is definitely a large anddiverse university, with 700 acres and a student body of 50,000 from all over thenation and 120 countries. The campus is beautiful, and ASU is home to the famousGrady Gammage Memorial Auditorium and its fun Sun Devil Stadium. The schooloffers more than 100 majors, so if you are undecided about your studies, you havea variety to choose from.

If you are interested in business, you shouldknow that the business school is ranked 25th in the nation. Tuition is $2,488 forArizona residents (with room and board the cost totals $7,600) and $10,354 (about$15,000 including room and board) for non-residents. Don’t let the numbers scareyou, though, since there are many types of financial help andscholarships.

ASU is a member of the Pacific-Ten University divisionwith many competitive athletic teams; the school has won 30 nationalchampionships since 1990. Plus, they have great football and basketball teams.Sparky the Sun Devil is an entertaining and enthusiastic mascot. If you lovesports, ASU has a lot going for it!

ASU is located in the heart of Temperight by Mill Avenue, and trust me, Mill Avenue is fun, with clubs, tons ofrestaurants and many stores. The school is also by the beautiful Tempe Town Lake,with two malls nearby. The Sun Devil stadium is also where the Tostitos FiestaBowl is held. There is no need to worry about being bored – there is alwayssomething to do in Tempe.

If a good, large, diverse school with solidathletic teams and fun places nearby sounds good to you, I suggest you visitArizona State!

Reviewed in 2002