American University

Washington, D.C.: American University is located in the northwest part of Washing-ton, D.C. The neighborhood around the campus really sets the scene of the University. Embassies, a naval base, the Vice President’s mansion and a television station all give a refreshing greeting unlike what you hear in the news about the dangers of D.C.

The university campus is beautiful. It mixes contemporary structures with the turn-of-the-century buildings. American University has about five thousand undergraduate students plus a graduate school. It is divided into the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration, School of International Service and School of Public Affairs. The library and the science, computer science, and language labs all have the latest technology. The dorms all have air conditioning and are modern. The athletic facilities were well kept.

I felt the school was well taken care of and security was excellent (as well as the lighting). The student body is very politically motivated. My interest was in the School of International Service. The professors work very well with students. The job and internship boards offered over 50 selections for posts with government (foreign and domestic) and private business. Each class, I noticed, had about 20 students in it. Every week the School of International Service has a guest speaker.

In closing, American University has a lot to offer. It has good classes, a safe and clean campus, and an excellent transportation system to the city. If you are ever in Washington, D.C., visit American University. n

Reviewed in 1993