Air Force Academy

ColoradoSprings, CO: I had the opportunity to meet with an Air Force Liaison Officer, andover the course of an hour we discussed all aspects of the Air Force Academy.This school is one of the most elite in the country, and getting accepted is noeasy task. As we discussed changing from a civilian to military lifestyle and theyears required after the Academy to serve the government, I was handed avideotape.

On the label in black, bold letters was the word BEAST. Theofficer explained that it was a videotape of the U.S. Air Force Academy BasicTraining, the most dreaded aspect of pursuing a military school.

Untilthat moment, my heart was set on the Academy. I did not want my mind to bechanged by a video showing men and women enduring pain and grueling tasks. Ibrought it home, and put it away.

Recently, I decided to dig it out andwatch Basic Training, called BEAST by the cadets. After those 13 minutes of film,my body ached. The obstacle courses, midnight five-mile runs, and head-to-headcombats left me shocked. Watching a cadet climb his way through an undergrounddirt tunnel with no light and limited movement at a run is a sight to see.

That was the least of my worries, though. The obstacle courses lookednearly impossible, and the scolding from the Air Force officers can only beendured by the strongest. It is six weeks of your life that you will rememberforever. The video entitled BEAST makes me believe that you will feel it forever,too. So – can you handle the Academy?

Reviewed in 2001